Small Wave stacking ring

in argentium silver

 £ 240

To place your order, please drop me a line HERE and I'll get back to you with confirmation details very shortly.

This multi-band stacking ring has been shaped to resemble ripples or waves on water. It has a pearly white satin finish, which I particularly love. It consists of 9 separate bands, each one fitting perfectly with the wavy pattern of the next making an impression of one single wide band. The ring has been made by hand in argentium silver 935, which is a type of sterling silver but with higher content of pure silver than your usual sterling 925 and no copper content. Argentium silver is brighter / whiter in colour than traditional sterling. 

Each band width is 1.3mm. Together the 9 bands measure 1.2cm in width.

If using the sizing guide below, please make sure you size for 1.3mm band rather than the full 1.3cm width. The guide is very easy to follow.

I recommend you find your ring size HERE before ordering.

Your Small Wave ring will come in a branded box, with a lovely velvet pouch and an anti-tarnish bag to maintain shine and brilliance.

All packaging materials used for postage are recyclable while the branded box, the pouch and the anti-tarnish bag are designed to be kept for life, like our jewellery!

Nat xx