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Whether you have a specific idea of your own or would simply like a piece designed and made just for you, do get in touch to discuss your requirements. Here are some examples of commissions I worked on before. One of them is this one of a kind Aquamarine Choker, for example. It has been handcrafted in Argentium silver and features an exquisite 17.5 carat aquamarine, which has been sourced specifically for the project to suit the wishes of my client. The unique stone has been handcut by a master gem cutter and comes with its own certificate. The sleek and minimal design of the collar reflects the style and angular lines of the stone facets and shows off the stone's beauty. Please note that prices for designs similar to this start at £4500 as an indication. Each new commission will be priced individually based on the size and type of stone, metals used and the design of the whole piece.

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