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  • These beautiful gingko leaf earrings are cut out by hand (a technique called piercing) from hypoallergenic argentium sterling silver and then polished to a lovely and shiny mirror finish. Argentium silver is very similar to normal sterling silver 925, but it contains more pure silver and no copper, making it ideal to wear by people who are allergic to normal sterling as it is the copper that causes the problem. Argentium is brighter in colour than traditional silver and I love using it. An additional definite advantage is the non-tarnishing property of Argentium.


    These earrings are slightly smaller than my roses measuring 4.5cm x 3.3cm approx. The ear hooks are 0.9mm wide (0.03in) while the thickness of the metal is 0.7mm.

    The earrings are comfortable and light!


    The metal used in making these earrings is Argentium Sterling Silver 940.

    Gingko Leaf Earrings

    Expected to ship within two weeks
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